Haiiiii! There’s probably no one reading this right now but if you are thanks a million! I just like the thought of posting this blog and anyone in the world can read it! Just think about it…. It’s crazy…
Anyway today Mimi went home sick so it was down to me and Eric. (if u don’t know who Eric is or Mimi make sure to read my 1st blog plz) so since me and Eric both watch “minecraft diares by aphmau(make sure to watch it) we were talking about who we ship. I said mine and she said hers. After that we decided that us and a few other classmates should play a game. So we did. It was awsome really and for the first time this month I wasn’t actually mad at Eric. Afterwards they all said happy birthday to me since its My birthday on Sunday.
Yes, Valentines Day:) Eric was about to say she wanted to be back BFFs with me but my friend came to talk to Eric so…. Yeah. Well guys that’s all for today I’ll talk to you tomorrow but I doubt anything excited will be going on tomorrow(except that I’m going shopping with my friends) BYE and thank you so so so so so so much for reading my blog today because it means so much to me Ti know someone out there knows how hard BFF STRUGLES are!
xminetasticx =^._.^=