Hello World! =^._.^=

Haiiiii world!!! This is my very first blog and I was inspired to start blogging by the book “Girl Online” by zoella! Anyway I’m gonna tell you about my day in school. I cant tell you what class I’m in cause you know this blog page is gonna be anonymous. So I used to be BFFs with this girl(I’m gonna call he Eric cause we were doing a huge play and she was Eric the red) but then something happened and Eric said she doesn’t wanna be my friend anymore (Eric is a girl btw). But before that I was BFFs with this girl called Mimi(that’s not her real name) and Eric was BFFs with her to. So we were literally “The Three Muscateers”. But whwn Eric said she didn’t want to be BFFs with me I stayed BFFs with Mimi. So practically Mimi was BFFs with me and Eric but me and Eric aren’t BFFs anymore. Okay. But today I had a feeling Eric wants to be my BFF again. To be honest that would be nice but I already have 2 BFFs and they’re Mimi and laur(that’s not her real name FYI). I could always have 3 BFFs but it will be hard……..
Well anyway that’s All for today! Make sure to read tomorrows blog to see how my life full of drama is going!!
~xminetasticgurlx =^._.^=